YouFiz provides a service using geolocation to easily find friends around the user or discover peoples that share the same spots as the user.


How do I connect to YouFiz ?

Each user connects using its Facebook profile. There is no other way to connect to YouFiz. At this time, an account is created on YouFiz servers. This account is related to the original Facebook account number and cannot be modified.

What is the use of my mobile phone if I precise it ?

When you enter your mobile phone, YouFiz is able to compare other YouFiz users’ mobile phones stored in our servers and to use this data to enhance the experience : for example, people using YouFiz and stored in your contact list will be identified. At any moment your mobile phone will be revealed to any person. At any moment we will use your mobile phone for another purpose.

Location of other users

What is the meaning of 500m wide area ?

The application provides YouFiz users the ability, in 500 meters radius wide :

  • to easily know when Facebook Friends are appearing
  • to discover people that share the same places as the user
  • to recall the places the user went to and who he crossed
  • to know how many times the user have met people and friends
  • to engage chat only if users were in the same area at a particular time.
What are the limitations ?

The restrictions to see other users are :

    • 500 meters radius wide from the user
    • Be in the same place in a range of 4 hours
    • or being originally Facebook Friends

Friends & Contacts

What is the difference between Friends and Contacts ?

Friends are Facebook friends using YouFiz and Contacts are people listed in you address book using YouFiz. Sometimes, users can appear in both part. But you cannot see which of your Contacts is on YouFiz if you don’t specify you mobile phone.

What use is made with my mobile phone ?

If you decide to specify your mobile phone, YouFiz will do the following operations :

  • Verify your mobile phone and ensure that there is no error.
  • Associate your mobile phone to your YouFiz user.
  • Scan your address book mobile phones looking for YouFiz users.

At any moment we keep any of your mobile phones. We deeply respect your privacy as an engagement of our conditions.

Will my contacts be disturbed ?

As said above, at any moment we keep any of your mobile phones. We deeply respect your privacy as an engagement of our conditions. So in consequences, we won’t be able to disturb any of your contact and we won’t want. We wouldn’t like someone to do it to us, so we won’t.

Restriction on informations transmitted between users

What can another user see ?

Other users can only see my first name, my Facebook public profile picture and if I’m currently in an area of 500m nearby. They won’t never know my precise location, my mobile phone and no other information, except if I give it to them.

Do other user know where I am and what I'm doing ?

Other users can only know where and when you mutually crossed path. They will know the number of times you meet each other, but they won’t know where you are.

Notifications sent to users

What kind of notification will I receive ?

When you have pressed the Fiz button, you’ll receive notification of users entering the area during 4 hours. When someone send you a message, you receive a notification.

Can I choose not to receive notifications ?

For sure, if you prefer to use the app without receiving notification, you can go into the control panel and deselect it.

History of current user's "Fiz"

What is a « Fiz » and how does it work ?

A « Fiz » is an expression that designates a moment when or a place where the user feels the desire to express its good mood. Then all the other users that feel the same mood in a circle of 500 meters radius wide and during a period of 4 hours will be notified.

How does it work ?

Each time you Fiz, the location is listed in your history of Fiz and the people that are in the same area are also listed. Each time you meet people, a little number appears near by the picture of the user, telling the total amount of encounters you mutually share.

Can I delete a fiz ?

If you want to delete a Fiz, simply go into « Menu/My Fiz » and swipe left to remove the desired one. Then, you won’t be linked to this Fiz anymore.

Use of the messenger

What kind of content can I share into a conversation ?

A conversation between two users allows to share text, photos, locations and links to the user Facebook profile.

Can I delete a conversation ?

You can delete a whole conversation. To do this, simply go into the messenger and swipe left on the selected conversation. The conversation will be also deleted for the other user.

Can I delete a particular message ?

You cannot delete a particular message. A conversation is a whole. A truncated conversation has no meanings.

Blocking a user and reporting him

What does blocking mean ?

If you choose to block a user, he will no longer be able to send you messages. He will also be notified that you blocked him/her. But you can decide to un-block him. On the other hand, if you decide to block the user then to delete the conversation, he won’t be able to contact you in any manner.

What does reporting mean ?

If you choose to block & report a user, this will have the same effect has blocking, except that he will also be reported to us. This means that he will be under surveillance and he is able to be banned if other reports are made about him/her. You cannot un-report a user. Also, if you make abuse by reporting users, you can be banned yourself.

Disconnection of user account

What happens when I disconnect my account ?

When you disconnect your account, it turns simply on standby mode. You can reconnect whenever you want, no data will be deleted and you will receive instantly all your pending notifications.

Will my user still appear ?

If you choose to disconnect, you will still exist for other users. They will be able to send you messages.

Deletion of user account

What happens when I delete my account ?

When you delete your account, everything disappear (messages, Fiz, interactions). If you choose to reconnect with the same Facebook account, your account will appear like being new.

Will my data be kept anyway on your servers ?

If you decide to delete your account, it will be instantly deleted from our servers, except if we receive a law injonction not to delete it.